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wesley faries advanced website codingDeveloping a high-end website takes a professional. Aside from a creative web designer, a skilled programmer is needed to ensure your high-end web design looks professional, responsive across all browser platforms, and mobile-friendly; in short, that it just works.

Even sites without interactive components (forms, databases, etc.), strict correct coding is still essential. As website standards continue to evolve, your site needs to be coded correctly to maintain the high-end web design of your website's front-end.

This is where Wesley comes in, his professional fresh website designs are driven by the latest coding. In addition, Wesley is diversified in all programming since there's not a "one code fits all". Be it standard HTML to powerful PHP to responsive mobile-friendly CSS to powerful MySQL databases, Wesley does it.

Content Management System (CMS); Joomla

There are times when clients desire to keep their website updated themselves once the initial website is installed. In these cases Wesley uses the most popular Content Management System (CMS), Joomla, as the core database of the website. The client uses the website's user-friendly online administrator area to control all areas of the website, such as updating existing pages or maintaining the latest events calendar, without needing any knowledge of website programming.

Joomla is an excellent solution for personal sites and small businesses who want to administer their own website. If you're able to work in Microsoft Word then you can manage a Joomla driven website. Wesley installs the Joomla database, customize as needed, designs and creates the template, and will then give instructions on how to use the Joomla admin area. Anyone can do basic updates but depending on computer skills complex construction is easily reachable for anyone with Joomla.

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