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Thank you for visiting. I custom design, create, and code high-end advanced corporate database websites, web apps, and extranet portals; doing all phases myself - design conception, template creation, database installation, extension installs and customization, content insertion, and all needed code programming; resulting in a very smooth consistent process from start-to-end. I specialize in ongoing contract work with local corporations, ad agencies, and other related businesses.

- Wesley Faries; Southern California Web Developer

wesley faries - advanced web developer - southern california

Advanced Joomla CMS Developer

My primary content management system (CMS) is Joomla. I've been developing advanced custom Joomla websites since the inception of Joomla in 2005. I'm a seasoned full stack expert in all facets of Joomla; custom templating, advanced customizing of extensions, corporate-level database web portals and web applications, troubleshooting and solving, SEO, security, migrations, upgrades, etc.

I stay on top of all Joomla updates and Joomla extensions to ensure all my Joomla websites stay secure, load error free, and continue to be responsive with all latest devices.

Database Web Applications

I have years of experience building custom corporate-level web applications; building solid UI/UX web applications for corporations, universities, medical institutions, security companies, organizations, etc.

Wesley Faries - Southern California Joomla Developer

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