• Corporate Website Design

    Corporate Website Design

    Advanced corporate websites by me,
    Wesley Faries. Serving the Southern California area.


  • Advanced Precise Coding

    Advanced Precise Coding

    Developing a high-end website takes a professional.
    My sites are built using the latest coding standards and frameworks.


  • prompt website design and replies

    Are You Frustrated?

    Tired of unprofessional web designers?
    I'm professional, reliable, responsive.


Advanced Web Developer - Serving the Southern California Area

Thank you for visiting. I custom design, create, and code high-end advanced corporate database websites and extranet portals; doing all phases myself - design conception, template creation, database installation, extension installs and customization, content insertion, and all needed code programming; the result is a very smooth consistent process from start-to-end. I specialize in ongoing contract work with local corporations, ad agencies, and other related businesses.

Are You Tired and Frustrated?

Tired of web designers and coders not replying promptly, giving poor service, not giving you what you want, not doing the work correctly, having poor attitudes, having to hold their hand, or any other situation that frustrates you? That stops with me. I've been doing this a long time, and on my own since 1999; I know from years of experience that you have zero time to be frustrated. I'm professional, personal, "easy-going" friendly, and am prompt with my replies and work. Dump it in my lap and I'll take care of the rest with no hand-holding.

wesley faries - advanced web developer

Fully Responsive and Mobile Minded

My sites are fully responsive, built from the ground up to ensure perfect presentation of your content from the smallest mobile devices to the largest desktop displays.

Latest Coding Standards

I'm a skilled HTML, CSS/Bootstrap/Sass/Less, PHP, Javascript/jQuery, etc programmer using the latest standards, ensuring your high-end web design looks professional across all browser platforms; and that it just works.

Fresh Designs and Professional Typography

It's important to have professional content and typography design. My templates are fresh and I have over 25 years working with content and typography in print and web.

Skills Set

I handle all work myself from start to end, and have been since 1987. Regarding websites; I design the template, code the template, work with the domain and hosting, create database, install the CMS and necessary extensions, customize any part, build the site and content, deliver the final product.

CMS Framework

My Content Management Systems (CMS) are not just stock installs of the CMS (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc), I customize each install to suit each client and all settings are optimized to the fullest to ensure fast error-free sites and easy updates.

One-on-One Service

My personal service is unrivaled. With me you don't talk with an account executive who then relays your thoughts to a designer or coder; it's just me. I've been meeting with clients for over 25 years and I'm professional, reliable, friendly, easy-going, and I reply promptly.

Full-Stack Design/HTML/CSS
Joomla and WordPress CMS

Strong Knowledge In:

CMS (Joomla/WordPress/Drupal), cloud database programs (user management, data collecting, newsletters, reports, events, directories, complex submit forms, etc), Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, etc), Dreamweaver, Strata 3D, iLife, CSS/CSS3/LESS/SASS, Bootstrap, PHP, HTML/HTML5/XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, LAMP, MySQL/phpMyAdmin, SEO, Mac/PC computers, and more.

Advanced Joomla CMS Developer

My primary content management system (CMS) is Joomla. I've been developing advanced custom Joomla websites since the inception of Joomla in 2005. I'm a seasoned expert in all facets of Joomla; custom templating, advanced customizing of extensions, corporate-level database web portals and web applications, troubleshooting and solving, SEO, security, etc.

I stay on top of all Joomla updates and Joomla extensions to ensure all my Joomla websites stay secure, load error free, and continue to be responsive with all latest devices.


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